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Our product is a marketplace of human resources - a platform for job and personnel search based on a career map. A person's career map is a carrier of progress in the development of competencies, knowledge and experience, as well as reputation. Re:zume is your AI powered HR team member digitazing, automating and optimizing company's HR process all over it's spectrum.Discover, evaluate, manage and develop your company's most precious resource/asset - the people.

It works!

Our service creates the opportunity to find a job quickly - because companies always see your career map and your ranking. And the job seeker understands what requirements you need to meet in order to get a job. Re:zume monetizes life long learning experience with AI powered dynamic competence maps. We want to store and validate such data with NFT tokens and monetize it in the future with person-to-person, person-to-business knowledge transfer. In short, we want to store and monetize knowledge and experience using blockchain technology.

Сareer road map

A career road map - will make life more stable. The user understands which path to take from position to position. When the salary should grow and when you need to develop your skills, knowledge and competencies to make it happen. Now there are "rules of the game" and they are clear to everyone. The career road map allows you to save your knowledge and achievements ranking and reputation and then monetise them .

HR management service

For companies, we offer an entire platform in which to hire, adapt, train staff, monitor competence levels, and monitor the progress of professional development. Our product can significantly speed up company processes and increase the efficient use of company resources by 12 to 18 percent.


At its core, it is a career roadmap for company employees and job seekers.

The service makes it possible for companies to create clear career paths for their employees.

The uniqueness of the product is the creation of ecosystem between the employer - job seeker and their joint career map with the possibility of connecting talents and companies both immediately and in the future.


The applicant passes the tests

Psychological test

HR Dialogue

Virtual offer (status), recommendations for skill leveling, real offer or vacancy selection

Skills check in a category or vacancy

Category of vacancy, number of vacancies, vacancy configurator, salary level for competence

We looking for
Global Market

Potential of using

We estimate the market size for enterprise resource of about 1 million companies

Our estimated market for users is about 900 million. Taking into account the preliminary interviews and the obtained averaged data on the interest of users, we have distributed the following data on the possible potential of users:

At this stage, the preliminary estimate of users is 160 million accounts. Of these, 10-20% are paid. The rest are conditionally free users of limited functionality.


Career Map in mobile app

Service, allows the applicant to plan a profession, its development, to receive recommendations for training, learning new skills and companies where he can work

And a unique opportunity to plan your life

Interview simulator

One of the main advantages of Re:zume is the in- terview simulator. This tool will help you prepare perfectly for the conversation with the employer, focusing on all the important nuances:

  • answers to professional questions;
  • logic and clarity of language;
  • psychological behavior during the conversa- tion;
  • general emotional state;

Hard skills / Soft skills

Interpretation of test and interview results and knowledge for hard skill and more than 10 indica- tors for soft skill.

Comprehensive assessment for career choice based on "vitrual offer" and "digital CV"

First job

Based on the analysis of all the above points, Re:zume will prepare individual tips for you to im- prove your soft skills and hard skills that will help you in the further successful seeker «first job»

For young people (students or schoolchildren) - the service will help with primary vocational guid- ance based on primary interviews for vocational guidance and "KNOWLEDGE FACTORIES" mini ed- ucational video project about professions and their subtleties - recorded people of older generations and honored workers of the industry or category

Future employment

For the applicant Re:zume can develop a projec- tion of «future employment» – future employment is a unique service its algorithm based on artificial intelligence, which evaluates the future prospects of employment in the field or category at a given time, based on 10 indicators (the model will be ex- panded), such as job offers from companies, labour market demand, geolocation, industry develop- ment, etc.

You will work

Matching system applicants and employers.

The search is based on the matching of key pa- rameters of the vacancy and data Candidate.

And you will see only those companies that fit your parameters and expectations. You will get a rating of employers and a projection of the possi- ble career map.

For enterprise, it is a platform for human resources departments to observe, evaluate, train and adapt employees.
How they can realize their potential in the company, choose the movement on the career ladder and understand the metrics and deadlines for its achievement.
Companies - to identify potential future employees and hire in advance, understanding in which career cards the specialist went and which outlined.
Re:zume will help to systematize as much as possible data about the employee's competence and KPIs and expectations.

In general, we provide companies with a whole platform for the human resources department with the construction of the enterprise structure, knowledge base, training system, planning system for future vacancies or entire departments (when the branch can be hired and trained 6 months before opening the branch), employee evaluation system and its progress in during the working time.

The HR specialist can use various tools to screen, hire, adapt and check the level of employee loyalty, as well as monitor their development and performance in work or study.
Functionality of employee rating, feedback 360 and eNPS is implemented - which allows you to quickly measure loyalty.

Accept, adapt and retain employees - controlling the entire company with a single "dashboard".

Find your target applicant with a "Quick Search" where you can manually enter the necessary data or search for a published job that already has the necessary data for your search.

Career Map

Clear goal setting, competent work planning, and a user-friendly interface for tracking results and growth are all about the Re:zume career map.

You will have access to accurate analytics of the entire workflow. You will be able to observe the growth and decline of success in all areas of your business, and most importantly - to understand their causes.

This is a guarantee of quality development of each individual specialist and the company as a whole.


With the help of dialogs the system collects the necessary units of information. A career map is formed

HR manager receives a more complete assess- ment of the applicant after the phone interview

Video Interview

Detailed interview phase allows you to read the system behavior and emotions of the applicant, analyzes physiognomy and psychological state.- Complement complete resume job seeker recom- mendations.

Interview Interpretation

To evaluate candidates, we use our own custom- izable evaluation system which is configured for the company or the job according to the complet- ed form.

Each job will have its own evaluation system. Specially developed algorithm of self-learning allows to improve the interpretation of interviews by specialties or categories of employees each time.

Based on interviews with job seekers and the rating of internal candidates for a vacancy, an HR specialist can quickly make a decision on hiring a new employee or promoting a company employee

Financial products based on career map

Financial model

Financial model - subscription plan.

We have also consulted with financial institutions that, based on career cards and people's plans, are ready to develop financial products that can support or accelerate the development or advancement of job seekers and employees, as well as improve their financial situation. Your career map and career plans are the best proof of your future financial strength..


63% of users would agree to use the paid version of the career map

150 $/month
1200 $/year

53% of users would agree to use the paid version of the career map for corporate users.

Marketplace products

As a marketplace:

Course sales

Book sales

Training sales

Sale of goods



For investors

We want to launch as soon as possible a project that will help millions of people plan their future professions, find jobs and plan their lives. We're looking for partners who can help accelerate our processes with investment and expertise.

If you are interested in accelerating Re:zume, please contact us.

About Us

Re:zume Ukrainian product.

It is developed by specialists who have achieved success in their fields.

The company office is located in Kiev

Igor Aniskin
Marketing strategy and product promotion. 12 years of experience in product creation and marketing promotion.
Victor Kishchenko
10 years of experience in managing product development and integration teams
Kateryna Koshilevska
HR GURU. Partner
Development of the algorithm of the evaluation system for job seekers.
Seven years of experience as the HR Director.
Roman Bonkovsky
Big Data Specialist. Data Scientist.
5 years of experience in launching services based on artificial intelligence.
Konstantin Ivanchikhin
UI / UX design.
Works as a UI / UX architect with 20 years of experience in product design.